When Horses Say Goodbye

Magic and a herd of wild horses came into my life in 2007.

I had taken up a new work challenge on the small Caribbean island of St. Vincent and had run into an abandoned and lost herd of wild horses.

Magic was one of the wild mares and she has meant a lot for our small horse school and liberty horse program.

She had many working students and, with my guidance, she taught lessons about being present, awareness, body language, speaking with a clear mind and language, leadership, kindness, courage and connection.

On a Sunday in March she got very sick with stomach pains and a strong diarrhea and just a few hours later she left us. When she had died, I took the other horses to say goodbye before we buried her in the garden. We loaded the grave with Mangoes and Moringa and planted an avocado tree on the top of the grave along with her favorite Cosmos flowers.

The Vet came and opened her to look inside to find the reasons and he could find physical failures with the heart and some of the intestines. This left us with much peace, to know the reason and knowing that she had the best life with us. She lived free in the herd, taught lessons she was able too and was one of the most “talkative”, attentive and energetic horses I have known.

We are many, Magic, that will miss you very much.

With much love, rain and sunshine always

Stina and the herd.

Thank you for your message.

Magic had many working students and she made a big difference in many of the students lives.

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