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susanSusan Smith has developed over 25 years of growing horsemanship with experiences such as endurance riding, classical dressage instruction and studying the work of Ray Hunt and liberty trainers.

After becoming an advanced bodyworker practicing Ortho-Bionomy for both horses and people, she began to seek out a way of training horses that was in keeping with the non-force bodywork she practiced. Also, years of trail riding gave her the idea for a way of syncing rhythms with the horse, and building trust and relationship.

Currently, Liberty Foundations training is complemented by energetic work she brings from bodywork and from her observation of the horse.

“Years of sitting in camp eating a gritty sandwich next to my horse, plus hours on the trail syncing our rhythms, deepened my relationship with my horse,” says Susan. Although it was a competition, it was a competition with lots of side benefits of growing relationship.

“Horses recognize these Liberty Foundations even if no person has ever done them with them before. They recognize it as a song from the herd, something that nurtures them, perhaps in the herd they never had. A horse may turn to look at you in astonishment as if to say, ‘You know that?’ I love that look. It is the beginning of a special relationship.”

susan001Today Susan’s clinics involve working with human and equine dimensions, grounding, thereby providing Liberty Foundation work, plus On-Line and On-Board instruction, providing the smooth transitions from liberty to on-line and in-the- saddle experiences.


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