Ruella – Oklahoma

RuellaRuella Yates, Liberty Foundations Horse Trainer, promotes the well-being of both horse and human through liberty training of horses and the people who love them. She shares the knowledge of liberty training through private lessons, clinics and online classes. She is committed to non-violence in equine activities and horses who work with us for the joy of it. She is listed in Who’s Who Among America’s Educators and is a member of the Independent Liberty Trainers Network and HorseConscious, an international movement devoted to gentle horsemanship. Her Spirit Horse Ranch Liberty Foundations is located near Oklahoma City, OK.

“I train using Native American and Old West traditions in a ‘new’ way of liberty training that is as old as the time horses and the ‘first people’ came together in the American West.  My life with horses is profound in every way.  What I learn from them, I bring to my students. My goal is making the world a better place for horses.”  -Ruella Yates

We’ll live like horses…Free of iron bars

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