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Fun is a big part of training.

Martin Contrera’s work has two main lines: one is seeking ever more subtle and precise ways of communicating with horses, primarily at liberty; the other is developing effective ways to teach this sort of communication to humans.

Liberty Training goes beyond the mere training of new behaviours, but rather focuses on actively developing a horse’s qualities such as trust, self-confidence, and especially a desire to learn.

Over the years, Martin has experimented with different training methods: from the traditional ways of the Pampa Indians, through several Natural Horsemanship techniques, Clicker Training and teaching movements through body language, all the way to Liberty Training, which he uses as a foundation and complement for any work he does with horses.


During a clinic in Highfields, Queensland (Australia).

To his knowledge of horse communication, Martin adds on his background as a language teacher, an instructor of mental techniques for relaxation and visualization, and his own study of interspecies body language to teach a comprehensive way of interacting with horses.

Today, Martin works on a particular way of teaching horses and humans, which spans a variety of behavioural guidelines and training techniques, based on an adaptable and deeply rooted method of emotional, intuitive communication. Martin facilitates bridges between horses and humans, helping them develop healthy emotional relationships which are quite remarkable experiences in and of themselves, while also constituting the best ground upon which to build any performance together.

Chiara Jumping _webDSC2660

By teaching jumping at liberty, you train the discipline from the inside out, working on qualities like focus and confidence before you begin work on the physical technique itself, which greatly benefits from this foundation.


Playing with high energy. The grass is green, there is plenty of room to leave. At the time when the bond is strong, none of this matters.


On his third ride, after having been backed at liberty in that same arena, without ropes or other physical onstraints.


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