Respect the Horse, by Larry Wahweotten

Larry is a Liberty Foundations coach/trainer who teaches horses at Liberty, without ropes or force, creating deep relationships with the people who love them. He is available for lessons at TayWah Ranch, near Augusta, KS. Larry is one of the Horse People of his Prairie Band, Potawatomi Nation. Respect the Horse…Respect the Horse…Respect the Horse.…

Testing new skills in an old environment

When working student Jonna returned to Sweden, we continued our lessons, this time online! Here is what Jonna writes about testing her new liberty training skills in Sweden. It was interesting to come home and meet my mum’s horses again after all I’ve learned about Natural horsemanship and liberty training in St Vincent. I’ve known these…


HH Sensing Horsemanship Offline Course by Alessandra Deerinck

HH Sensing is an approach to horsemanship where human being and horse work together, communicating in a way that is strictly related to how they perceive the situations in the present, past and future. Any interaction between individuals inevitably builds memories that will affect their joined future.