The first lesson of life

One day, before I began training the horses at HH Sensing, I stopped to watch the foals born in the barn where my business is located. One more time I got reminded of how many things, that are learned when you’re very young, follow you for the rest of your life. Anyone, child, adult or…

A night to remember

Do you know the feeling you get when finding out someone else speaks your language? Or when something you are looking forward to finally happens? June 14th 2015 was a day I looked forward to for many reasons, and that was even truer during the night before. Instead of sleeping, I was laying down in…


HH Sensing Horsemanship Offline Course by Alessandra Deerinck

HH Sensing is an approach to horsemanship where human being and horse work together, communicating in a way that is strictly related to how they perceive the situations in the present, past and future. Any interaction between individuals inevitably builds memories that will affect their joined future.