Roslyn – Australia

RoslynRozlyn Lambert is a certified Liberty Foundations instructor who lives in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Rozlyn has successfully worked with a variety of different horses using Liberty Foundations. She enjoys helping people discover the freedom, quality of relationships and communication and the sheer joy that working with horses at liberty can bring.

Rozlyn believes that Liberty work isn’t just about looking pretty, or training the horse to work tackless, it is about having a deep connection. It is about giving the horse the freedom to choose to stay or walk away, and about the person asking themselves what they have to offer the horse. And through the gentle practice of Liberty Foundations developing a bond based on mutual respect, where the horse trusts the person to guide them and willingly chooses to interact without any force.

You could say that liberty has always been with Rozlyn.

Her first memories of anything horse related were the stories her mother and grandparents would tell her about their beautiful, kind and gentle Clydesdale mare Darby, their working farm horse. One of Rozlyn’s favourite tales was about how her mother could go out to the field and simply put a potato sack over Darby’s back and she would take her for a ride, Darby always taking care of her.
At the age of 11 Rozlyn truly began her journey with horses when her family moved to Hobart. Thanks to the neighbours horses breaking out and eating her parents rose bushes Rozlyn and her siblings were given riding lessons. Rozlyn learnt to ride bareback and spent a good part of her adolescence riding around the local bush trails and along the local beaches.

Roslyn Rozlyn’s first liberty experience began when she was 15 years old. There was a beautiful chestnut thoroughbred mare named Zoe living in the paddock next to her school, Rozlyn was fascinated by her. Rozlyn began to spend a lot of her lunch breaks sitting with her in the paddock and sharing apples with her. Rozlyn asked nothing of Zoe other than the pleasure of her company and over time they developed a deep trust and respect for each other. Eventually Rozlyn could feel Zoe inviting her to sit on her back, Zoe walked to a place where it was easy for Rozlyn to get on, and waited looking at her gently. Rozlyn accepted and got on, they went from hanging out together to going for the occasional ride.

Rozlyn didn’t know it at the time but Zoe was virtually unrideable. Zoe’s owner had seen Rozlyn riding and sold her to Rozlyn’s step father and he gave Zoe to Rozlyn and the seeds of liberty were planted.
After Zoe, Rozlyn worked with a number of off the track standard breds, however she struggled to find that magical link that she had with Zoe. Fast forward to 2014 where Roz met Ruella Yates, and through Liberty Foundations she rediscovered that missing link.

This opened up a renewed sense of joy delight and wonder.
Through Liberty Foundations, Rozlyn is able to share how by allowing each horse to express their own unique and individual personalities, opening up the lines of communications and becoming a caretaking leader, it is possible to have a mutually fulfilling and rewarding relationship with horses, without the need for force.