Online Liberty Horsemanship

As members of the Independent Liberty Trainers Network we are striving to create the possibility for everyone to learn the extraordinary way we approach horses, a new way that let the horse benefit from horsemanship.

Learning is a process that happens within individuals, and produces changes at the cellular level caused by information, any time it reaches, touches and moves a live creature.

Living in the 21st century allows us to go far in space and time, making information available to others in ways that were unthinkable in the past.

Our students are located all over the world, and to reach them we are committed to being on the cutting edge of the technologies available. Our goal is teaching horsemanship techniques, that evolve with human culture, and keep horses near us, as close as they have been for centuries, and even closer now that they can enjoy our company.

All of our trainers have a common core of principles, but different teaching styles and formats for their clinics.

One of the ways we reach the public is through online coaching and classes, given by each trainer in their own style.

The following  Liberty Trainers offer online classes:

1. Alessandra Deerinck, California, USA:

2. Farah DeJohnette, Massachusetts, USA:

3. Ruella Yates, Oklahoma, USA: