The old and the new

From HUMAN HORSE SENSING…Greetings to all of you for an exceptional 2015!

Ours began in an extraordinary way!

Before talking about the young, new 2015 year, I would like to spend a moment, remembering the important moments for H2H in 2014…

JANUARY: We began working with Mia and Michelle, who finally got to ride her mare, after 10 years of just loving her and watching others riding this beautiful, 14 years old, Trekehner black mare trained in dressage.

FEBRUARY: We started the horsemanship journey with Aria and Luca, the little fillies in training with HHS


MARCH: ILTN was born!

At HH SENSING we began the successful process of healing a very persistent, but never painful toe crack on Downtown Rosalie’s hoof.

Image 3

APRIL: This was a quiet month, but MAY made up for it. The wild fires in San Diego County affected us, but left no permanent marks. The HHS  barn moved closer to where I live. Michelle, who was traveling 100 miles each way to work with us to accomplish the dream of riding Mia, brought her horse closer to where she lives in Los Angeles.

JUNE: Tesoro de Los Cielos, seven years old Mangalarga Marchador gelding, came to HHS for training. At the same time we had a visit from Greta Damonte, one of my Italian students, who spent a month with me, to refine her skills in training at liberty. Greta is also a very good rider, and I look forward to seeing her work with horses, on her own, in the near future.

JULY: This month was very intense, with four HHS clinics in Italy. One of them was at its fifth edition, on the beautiful premises of Il Nidodelfalcone, in the magical hills of Umbria. We held a clinic at the Scuderia La Lura, a top notch jumping facility near Milano, working with amazing horses and their owners, then we went to Piacenza, at Ottopiu’ Ricerca Infinita, and to Centro Ippico Piazzola di Brenta, near Padova, In addition to the onsite clinics, throughout the year H2H held four online, ten weeks, group clinics.

Alessandra Alessandra2 


AUGUST: We introduced Aria de Los Cielos to the herd of broodmares, during a private clinic, and observed the results of our two-year project, aimed to have a well-balanced and human friendly horse.

SEPTEMBER: Rosalie’s hoof was finally healed, and Tesoro de Los Cielos came back to our barn, to prepare for the national event for the Mangalarga Marchador horse in the Western US.

Image 6

OCTOBER: I rode Allegria and Tesoro, the horses HHS trained from Rancho de Los Cielos, at the Western US Championships for the Mangalarga Marchador breed in Las Vegas, winning the title of Champion gelding for conformation with Tesoro and of 2014 overall Champion mare with Allegria.


NOVEMBER – DECEMBER: Tesoro came back to further his training.

2015 found us venturing to the beach, a very stimulating place in terms of senses, which are the main way HHS works to modulate the relationship and communication between human and horse. I chose this path for horsemanship, instead of the beaten path of training or the more attractive spiritual connection because I am able to give people an easy explanation for how to communicate with horses. While the other two approaches have been already widely explored in horsemanship, to me this looked, sounded, felt, smelled and tasted like the place where the equine and human species could connect on even terms.

Horsemanship is, inevitably, anywhere people and horses are together. Paying attention to it makes every act a masterpiece, whether it is jumping a course, showing in dressage, trail riding, going the distance, etc.

Downtown Rosalie and I have separately started our equestrian life from racing, in two different countries. Our partnership began with mastering liberty training, teaching it to others through horsemanship clinics and by writing for Elite and Il Mio Cavallo (Italy).


I have always felt that, to be an effective teacher, I need to keep up with what is the reality of my students. To live by what I believe, I continue to explore new venues, living in the real world of humans and horses, and applying first hand HH Sensing as the approach to horsemanship. My motto is “relate, lead, work, and let the horse choose to be part of it”.

Time has passed, and Rosalie and I have competed in dressage and endurance, always basing our work on the relationship more than the training.

IMG_2587 Image 12

Because of Rosalie’s wonderful versatility, and now that she has four sound, unshod hooves, we are practicing jumping and, last weekend have explored one more equestrian venue, the competitive trail ride.

Image 4 Image 1 Image 5

This event was held by the ACTHA organization, on the Camp Pendleton Marine Base very well organized by TJ Davis. On Saturday afternoon, HHS held a clinic in which Rosalie was nothing less than perfect, just after having been “working out” for six hours on the sand. The ride was on the beach, completely new place for us together. The obstacles were new to us too, but we were able to do them all at the first attempt, and have a great time together! Rosalie and I rode with new friends, and helped them on the course.

Image 3

At the end of the day, my daughter Sonia rode Rosalie on the beach, and made our day feel even more complete!


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Alessandra Deerinck

Italian born, Alessandra, was a horsewoman first, before making her mark as a daring and adventuresome jockey, riding flat races in Italy during the 1980s and 90’s. She went on to graduate from the Veterinary Medicine School at the University of the Studies of Milan. Even before she moved to the US, she had established herself as a trainer and an educator; writing widely praised freelance articles with enchanting illustrations for equestrian publications in Italy and in the USA since 1990. Alessandra writes monthly in the training sections for Elite Equestrian
( ) in the US and Il Mio Cavallo
( ) in Italy.Since 1996, she has lived in California with her family, where her pursuit of Liberty Training led her to establish Human to Horse, a resource organization promoting liberty as the basis to better the relationship between human beings and horses. Alessandra sees liberty training as the key to understand the equine mind and work in harmony with horses. She trains horses and teaches horsemanship using her own Human Horse Sensing approach, a system that is based on liberty, but rooted in the goals and nuances of classical dressage training, current horse behavioral sciences and her experience of forty years spent with horses.. Web www.HHSensing.comemail

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  1. I have a 2 year old Paint and his full sister who is 4 years old. i would like to learn Liberty Training. May I have some information on your classes. I live in LA.
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