Meet Larry – One of the Horse People

Larry Wahweotten is a new member of The Independent Liberty Trainers Network. Welcome Larry!

Larry W, as he has been known in Western penning and sorting circles for years, is one of the Horse People of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, and says that he teaches Liberty Foundation as his ancestors did when horses ran wild on the Great Plains. Larry’s home is TayWah Ranch, near Wichita, KS.

He joins Ruella Yates as a clinician at Spirit Horse Ranch near Oklahoma City, and is available for sessions by appointment. Larry’s plans include starting programs for American Indian Youth on or near reservations, beginning with his own tribe. He is currently writing that program.

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2 thoughts on “Meet Larry – One of the Horse People

  1. So glad to know you Larry! Looking forward to learn more about and from you!
    Please write some blogs for us to read!
    Much sunshine, rain, thunder and wind from St. Vincent – Stina and the herd.

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