Meet Bec Jordan – New Liberty Trainers Network Member!

Bec Jordan, Queensland, Australia, is one of Australia’s finest Liberty Horse Trainers!  She began studying with Ruella Yates, founder of Liberty Foundations and Liberty Foundations Online, two years ago, after a lifetime with horses and a career at her Kind Equine. Read Bec’s story in her own words, and enjoy her amazing videos!

.I’m Bec Jordan, a fellow student of the horse from Queensland Australia. I grew up on a large cattle property and my parents taught me to ride at a very young age. Over the years I have tried my hand at a number of disciplines and training methods like natural horsemanship. I earnt myself a good reputation in my area as a gentle colt starter. However in more recent years I found there is so much more than false connections and shiny trophies. My main consideration now days is the body, mind and spirit of my equine friends. Since discovering Ruella Yates and her Liberty Foundations I haven’t looked back. I enjoy being at liberty with my horses and applying natural horse care practices. I look forward to seeing where this journey will take us.

Liberty Foundations Online, November 9, 2016!

This is the way Bec Jordan learned Liberty Foundations!  Go to our Home Page for more information, and to secure your place in this class.

Gift yourself and your horse with 8 weeks of Liberty Foundations Training Online with Ruella Yates! You will win the heart and mind of your horse in an incredible combination of love, trust and respect.

Come learn Native American and Old West traditions in a ‘new’ way of liberty training that is as old as the time horses and the ‘first people’ came together in the American West.
Invest now in the magic that can happen when you train the Liberty Foundations way with Free Horses without force.

The classes are on alternating Wednesdays at your choice of 12 noon or 7 p.m.Central Standard Time, for the convenience of students in any time zone!

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