Kadoo having Colic – a matter of survival

At sunrise monday morning our four horses; Shoni, Moonlight, Elena and Kadoo, had found their way out of the field and went exploring. They entered several farms, had a bit to eat here and there and ended up at the neighbors field who has two horses.
By the time we reached to bring the horses home, they had eaten a lot and had a pecking order fight with the neighbor’s two horses, Ayiti and Destiny. All were quite exhausted, and came to us to get their halters on ready to go home.
Walking home, Kadoo was unusually tired, and he even tried to lay down on the road before we reached home. We though he was dehydrated and headed straight for the water buckets. Shoni, Moonlight and Elena drank lots of water, but Kadoo laid down two meters from the buckets and did not want to drink anything.
This was worrying. Maybe he just needed some rest?
A very long half hour passed.
Then we tried to give him some sugar water, but no luck, no interest to drink at all.
The other horses stayed close.
Then Kadoo’s breathing and stomach moves started to become irregular. We tried to get hold of a vet; if this was colic, we knew we had to force him up and walk him.
Cramps got worse so we forced him up. We could not reach the vet but reached another knowledgeable horse person who also advised us to force Kadoo up and make him walk.

Kadoo got up and slowly moved 40 meters to the next pasture.
Reaching there he just laid down again. As the other horses came, Shoni, to my surprise, tried to get Kadoo to stand up, I had not seen this behavior before, only read about it. It was very touching to see how Shoni stood close and tried to bite Kadoo in the front feet, to get him to stand up.
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