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In the media

4 thoughts on “In The Media

  1. Had an amazing experience the other night, 10 of my horses were let out of their paddock and were found 3 Kim’s down the road, we walked straight up to them, halter on one and the other Nine just walked in a line down the road following, dogs barking cars whiz zing past and not one of them battered an eye lid, all home safe and sound with out any fuss!!!! So glad we put in the time and effort with heaps of liberty work – love it!!!

  2. Hello, I love that as a group you are sharing your philosophy. This is also how I choose to work with my horses as well. In fact as a small group in Canada we had a similar vision a few years ago, so it’s very rewarding to see it manifest with a global group of like minded women. I’m wondering if you would be interested in having a Canadian join this alliance? I feel the more co-operative group efforts that can join forces, the bigger the impact on supporting people to experience a more mindful approach to consciously working with their horses. I’m happy to send videos and testimonials.
    All the best to your group in your wonderful efforts.
    Michelle Atterby –

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