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Horsemanship originated from the human side!  It was our quest to achieve leadership with horses. Horsemanship has been practiced and discussed for centuries, but the “human horse sense” is not always there. At the origin of this issue I feel there is a lack of immediate language, the one a horse can understand without having to…


Horses With Their Own World

Last weekend when my grandson Kaiden came out to see the horses in their new location, he said, “they have their own world now.” The place has no grass but lots of trees and interesting places to explore. It’s very big, I’m not sure what it would be considered in acreage, and has hills and…


May The Herd Be With You

In the pasture, the horses usually gallop off to one particular favorite place, up over the ridge to where some colts are stabled. Then I hike up there and my mare Zuzka rounds everyone up when I ask the horses to come back with me. This time, my gelding Khami took over, and he got…


“Real” and “Ideal”

While looking at pictures taken during HH SENSING ( clinics, I caught myself analyzing the different outcomes, and in particular the way I handled unexpected circumstances. During events, clinicians work with horses never met before, while teaching unknown people, and have to face circumstances that are real, with unexpected or expected events. While I could ask…


What do you love about your horse?

Now first I ask this question because it is a part of the whole perspective about experiencing Liberty Horsemanship with your horse — the getting-to-know-you part that’s so important. What do you love about your horse? For the person who is not sure they love their horse at all, it makes them stop and think.…


It’s The Little Things With Horses

The little things mean a lot with horses.

The Liberty Foundations have provided me with a way to interact with my horses that allows better communication when I need it. I know I’ve written about this before, but I always manage to find another aspect to address in this capacity.

This week’s example is as follows…