A night to remember

Do you know the feeling you get when finding out someone else speaks your language? Or when something you are looking forward to finally happens? June 14th 2015 was a day I looked forward to for many reasons, and that was even truer during the night before. Instead of sleeping, I was laying down in…


The Vanishing Face of “GAIA”

GAIA came into my life in 2010. She was two years old and I had partaken in creating her life. I was responsible too. Among the horses I rescued in 2007, were two stallions that we later named Danny and Jack. Many of you heard of, have seen photos of and even met Jack. Danny…


Brio’s Journey Part 4

Depending on the behavior du jour, I wavered between replacing her with a placid, well-mannered mount and soldiering on with her, building on the progress we’d made together with clicker training. My commitment to this horse — initially to the yet-to-be purchased Dream Horse, then to the post-Cranky Pants mare I prayed she would morph into – could no longer be sustained by an ideal.

Maire Kennedy and Cloud

Freedom for Wild Hearts is the Real Gift

“For Cloud’s wild heart to be truly free in this human world in which he lives is the real gift of Liberty Foundations.” –Maire Kennedy, County Clare, Ireland Reading these beautiful words from Maire, one of the students in my first Liberty Foundations Online class spoke volumes about Liberty Foundations Training for horses. With great…


Happy New year! Brio: Part 2

Happy New Year! I hope you had great holidays so far and are looking towards another awesome year and journey with horses. I have much to look forward to as Ohana farm continues to unfold. I am busy visualizing the year ahead and celebrating what came to fruition in 2014.

Many of you were very intrigued by the last blog about Brio


A Pony For Christmas: Starwyn’s Story

I got a Pony for Christmas 4 years ago, for the first time! I’d been with full-size horses my whole life, but I found that this pony would bring new learning, new delight, because of who she is.

Starwyn is a beautiful 11.1 HH Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A) mare. She is now 11 years old. I fell in love with her at ‘first sight.’ A neighbor had her for 2 years


A heartfelt Challenge

Without listening to our heart, life is not as fun! In 2009 I felt my approach to horses has taken a new turn. Teaching people how to handle horses without tack felt very good, but I wanted to do more. I wanted to give them a key to do what they want with horses, not…


The Home that Heals

The adventure of healing a wild herd presented many levels.

Staring up an academy at the end of the road in a small unknown Caribbean island, turning an untamed bush into a productive farm, and developing an ecotourism centre to raise funds, was quite a task along with the rescue of seven wild horses.