About the Independent Liberty Trainers Network…

The Independent Liberty Trainers Network is a consortium of like-minded equine liberty trainers who have developed unique horsemanship approaches that begin with liberty training- meaning the horse at
liberty in a large enough space to provide complete freedom, without restraint, without pressure.

From this initial beginning, the horse can grow in communication with people, feeling met in a way that most likely has not been a part of its previous training experience.

Horses that experience liberty training in the way that we teach it can come out of fear, hostility, resistance or shyness to a place of confidence, companionship and community. The way that horses interact with each other cooperatively is the beginning of the work- how do we come into relationship with them and build that relationship from there?

Each change within the horse, and within the human, results in a bigger positive result. Each horse can grow a larger sense of self, more confidence and more willingness with people. Each person can grow in the same ways, learning to manage their personal energy and learn what the horse responds to positively. There is not a horse alive who will not benefit from this amazing approach.

Instructors within the Liberty Trainers Network come from and travel all over the world; various locations within the U.S., United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Colombia, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal and the Caribbean.

Instructors will post their clinics and online classes on a regular basis, so there will be an offering for everyone. Other classes are available from the trainers in other forms of horsemanship, such as on-line groundwork, riding and trail; all derived from liberty fundamentals.

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